Banda Insanity Case | Prosecutors Played Taped Confession

Visalia, CA, USA It was an emotional day for Detective Kent Haws' family who heard Jorge Banda's taped confession of how and why he killed Haws. Wednesday, 12 jurors are expected to decide if Jorge Banda is competent to stand trial for Haws' murder.

During a taped interview spoken mostly in Spanish, /*Jorge Banda*/ told detectives that the gun he used to kill Detective Kent Haws back in December 2007 was bought from an Orosi gang member.

The detective also asked Banda how many times he shot Detective Haws.

She Asks, "He didn't know you were going to shoot him? You shot him and then you shot him again. You shot him 5 or 6 times?"

Banda: "Yes."

Banda also told the detective why he killed Haws. Detective Lupe shade: "You got bored? That's why you did this? Then why did you shoot a cop?"

Banda: "I don't know. I was bored of everything. If I have to stay for life I don't care. I'm bored."

Prosecutors say /*Detective Kent Haws*/ was shot and killed by Banda while Haws was investigating a car-jacking north of Ivanhoe. Prosecutors say Banda's confession proves he's competent to stand trial for murder.

Don Gallion, Tulare County Deputy D.A.: "That when he came out of the orchard he saw the deputy there that he shot the deputy in order to prevent himself from being arrested all show the def was competent and understands what he was doing and gave reasons for why he did it."

During the confession Banda also tells the detective in English that he hears voices. Banda's attorney says the fact that his client can hear voices and leaves out certain details of Haws' murder shows he's developmentally disabled.

Neal Pedowitz, Banda's Attorney: "When I start hearing that a 20-year old who has a gun and used a gun and had the gun in his pocket doesn't know what kind of gun he has, it's my way of thinking that in and of itself proves he's retarded."

Wednesday morning the jury will hear closing arguments from both sides. They're expected to start deliberating by the afternoon.


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