Teenage Girl Stabbed Sixteen Times

Fresno, CA, USA Investigators expect her to make a full recovery. Jose Zuniga said: "I did her a favor by taking her to the hospital. Thank God she's living." Zuniga says when a party along this canal ended in violence; he came to the rescue of a badly wounded 15 year old stranger who managed to stumble to a neighbor's home.

She was stabbed 16 times. And with Selma hospital so close, Zuniga says there was no real choice but to put her in his car. Zuniga said:"Everybody was saying just call an ambulance. But I was like you know; by the time the ambulance got here she might not make it because she was bleeding pretty badly.

Investigators say the suspect is another teenage girl and known gang members were at the party. But the motive is unclear. Fresno County Sheriff's Chris Curtice said: "Out of the blue and apparently without provocation the suspect attacked the victim. The victim first thought it was a fight and tried to fend her off. It wasn't until everyone started running she was able to get to a residence to check herself that she realized she'd been stabbed so many times."

This is the second time in just over a week that a 15-year old girl has become the victim of possible gang violence at a weekend party. Destinee Ortiz was shot and killed when a fight broke out over graffiti tagging in Fresno. Neighbors in Selma say this kind of violence is just senseless. Neighbor Tim Elkin said: "Look what happened a young girl got stabbed. I don't know what happened whether she started it or not. But it shouldn't happen period that's a human life you know."

The Fresno County Sheriff's department is asking for the public's help tonight to find the Selma attacker. The suspect is described as a Hispanic female, between 16 and 19 years old. She's about 5 feet tall with a heavy build and long, curly, brown hair.


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