Move In Day at Fresno State

Fresno, CA, USA Celene Diaz needed her whole family to help move in. She joined hundreds of students Thursday searching for their new dorm. Diaz is all smiles when she sees her home for the next two semesters. A full-time /*Fresno State*/ Education costs nearly $15,000 for one year. That includes tuition, books, room and board. A price tag forcing students to find housing bargains.

Erin Boele is the university's housing director. She said, "Demand for the halls is at an all time high." Boele said the economic slump may be pushing students to live on campus. Dorm room demand is so high 80 bulldogs are being housed at a nearby hotel until dorms open for them. Boele called the cramped living space a bargain, "Our price is set. It's set a year ahead of time. It's not going to change no matter what the economy is doing. So parents and students have a guarantee as my meals are paid for, my room is paid for, all my utilities are paid for."

Breanna Gonzalez's parents will be paying about $7,000 for her to live on campus. Breanna's mother Laura Gonzalez said, "If I didn't start years ago, it probably wouldn't happen. But now since I had the money saved and waiting for this moment it's there and ready for her whenever she needs it."

Students have until Friday night to check in. If they don't then the university will begin moving some of the students from the hotel to the dorms. In the future, university officials hope to build another dorm.


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