Proposition 8 Rally

Fresno, CA, USA Fresno Pastor Jim Franklin told the crowd this meeting wasn't about gay marriage, but about freedom. He suggested the California Supreme Court was un-American in overturning a previous state law passed by voters, and declaring same sex marriages are legal.

Franklin told the crowd," I'm an American, and I'm thankful to be an American. And I know we have brave soldiers who have served and have fought and died that we could have the constitutional rights that we have And, I don't want four men or women in black robes sitting in some court deciding what the people should be doing and overriding what the people have already done."

Franklin's biting criticism of the courts was well received by the crowd of several hundred. Ron Prentice of a group called Protect Marriage dot com, says it's up to the voters to Pass Prop 8, banning same sex marriage, to put the court in its place. He said, "November means we have an opportunity to overrule them and so that's what this is about tonight.

Prop 8 is gaining support from evangelical churches, the Catholic Church and the Mormon Church. The campaign for Prop 8 is raising millions. But in Fresno, the organizers of the effort to stop Prop 8 aren't worried. Samuel Frank says money is coming in from a variety of benefactors, including churches. "I know we have some really fantastic sources of funding coming in and we're going to keep getting them in and keep getting support and they're probably going to do the same thing too."

Frank acknowledges Prop 8 has more supporters in the Fresno area, but believes voters in Southern California and the Bay Area will tip the scales toward stopping the measure. If it's approved, it would change the state constitution to ban same sex marriage. But both sides agree that whatever the voters decide in November, the battle will continue.

Prop 8 backers say they expect to be outspent by opponents of the measure, but many churches are pressing their members to take an active role in fighting for the measure.

A recent California field poll suggests people may vote down proposition eight. The survey, conducted one month ago, found 42-percent supported changing the state constitution, to define marriage as between a man and a woman. While 51-percent oppose prop eight. Seven-percent said they were undecided.


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