Democrats prepare for start of convention

8/24/2008 Denver Senator Barack Obama was headed to Denver Sunday as the Democratic National Convention was set to begin Monday.

However, earlier Sunday, Senator Obama campaigned at a barbecue in Eau Claire, Wis. He told the crowd that this week's convention will help people realize that he and his family share their values.

Michelle Obama arrived in Denver ahead of her husband and was, actually, the first member of the Democratic dream team to arrive as the mile-high city prepared to bask in the rarified air of its first convention since 1908.

The Colorado capitol building was already rocking Sunday with hundreds of anti-war demonstrators demanding an end to the U.S. involvement in Iraq and to torture, wherever it occurs.

Obama, the star of the show, was working his way to Denver slowly after making stops in battleground states like Wisconsin where he borrowed some of the salty language of his new running mate after attending a church service.

"If we can spend $10 to $12 billion a month in Iraq, we sure as hell can pay $10 to $12 billion right here in the United States of America. I apologize by the way, I usually say, 'heck," said the Democratic presidential candidate.

Obama's selection of Delaware Sen. Joe Biden as a running mate, rolled out at a Springfield, Ill. extravaganza Saturday, is drawing praise in some circles. But it is raising the specter of a backlash from supporters of Sen. Hillary Clinton, as well, as some are angrier than ever that she is not on either end of the Democratic ticket.

"I'm not worried. Senator Obama sat down with Senator Clinton right after the primary. They've spent time together. She's been campaigning for him, and she's going to make a great speech [at the convention], " said senior Obama advisor David Axelrod.

But the McCain campaign was already on the air Sunday with an ad that tried to capitalize on Clinton's omission from the ticket.

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