DNC Underway

8/25/2008 Denver The 2008 Democratic Convention is now in session. While Senator Barack Obama certainly has Colorado on the brain, he's hoping to get Iowa in his back pocket, courting voters one at a time. While Obama's wife, Michelle, prepared to take her place in history in advance of her convention speech tonight.

On many levels the convention here in Denver is all about unity. Senator Hillary Clinton used that word nine times this morning. "The Democratic Party is a family, and this is like a big family reunion," says Clinton.

The message over the next four days here in the Mile High city is relatively simple: it is to relay Obama's American story.

Valerie Jarrett, Obama Family Friend, says "He's so authentic. People always ask what's he really like and I say he's same person you see on the campaign stump."

But the 45th Democratic National Convention is about more than the Obama's. A highly-anticipated moment tonight: not only a video tribute to Senator Ted Kennedy, but the senator, who is battling brain cancer, will appear to show his support for Obama.

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