Clinton at United Farm Workers Convention

Fresno, CA, USA Saturday, Senator Obama chose Senator Biden as his running mate.

Former presidential hopeful Senator Hillary Clinton asked a crowd of her faithful followers to support Senator Barack Obama and his decision to pick Senator Joe Biden as a running mate.

But not everyone at the United Farm Workers Convention in Downtown Fresno was completely happy with Obama's choice and were hoping Clinton would get the nod. "I was a little disappointed because I think that would have been a dream team," said Rojis Victorio of Dinuba.

Clinton supporters said they were grateful she decided to help close out the 3-day long convention and pitch support for her former rival but more impressed with how humble she was. "She's a bigger person and she's doing it passionately so it just shows how dedicated she is," said Sandra Reyes of Stockton.

Action News Political Analyst Tony Capozzi agrees: Clinton is acting the role of the bigger person. "I'm sure her ego's deflated. It's very difficult to lose. I think it hurt her husband as much as it hurt her. But for her to come out now and be forceful for Obama says a lot for Senator Clinton."

Meanwhile farm workers said they put their faith in Clinton's choice and will support Obama this election.

"The fact that she's coming out here and spending her time I think it's really important to show these people that support her to continue," said Reyes.

"The alternative is McCain and McCain doesn't stand for anything we stand for," said Victorio.

It was here yesterday that Obama's headquarters officially opened. Robert F. Kennedy, Junior, did the honors cutting the ribbon to the front of Obama's Central Valley office.

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