Clinton on Biden at UFW

8/24/2008 Fresno, CA This was the first time Senator Clinton addressed Obama's choice for a running mate. However her speech supporting the duo didn't come without a little drama.

"Yesterday Senator Obama chose Senator Biden as his running mate. A good man, a wise man, an experienced man," says Clinton.

Shortly after asking farm workers to support Senator Obama and his new running mate Senator Joe Biden someone in the crowd pulled the fire alarm.

Rocio Madrigal, Mendota, says "I think it was a republican somewhere. You know they could have sneaked in!"

Rojis Victorio, Dinuba, says "There are always some scoundrels, gremlins around but the way they handled it nobody panicked."

But perhaps surprisingly Latino farm workers, who are staunch supporters of Clinton, welcomed her support of Obama at the United Farmworkers Convention in downtown Fresno.

"And now it is time for us to have a president again that believes every person is entitled to fulfill his or her dreams and that is what Senator Obama will do as our president," says Clinton.

"We're really happy she's here with us and the farm workers and all the way through Obama man, all the way," says Victorio.

"He is for change hope. He says he supports social justice and that's what our union needs," says Madrigal.

Madrigal represents many farm working families in Mendota. She says her primary concern once Clinton lost in the primaries was voters in her area foregoing the election process all together. "Our fear is that many people, yes, will stay away from the polls because their heart was set on Hillary women included."

But many Clinton supporters say they support her decision to back Obama and will do the same come November.

Despite the brief interruption Clinton's speech lasted about 20 minutes. It wrapped up the three day convention in downtown.

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