Garage Burglaries up in Northwest Fresno

Fresno, CA, USA And that's what burglars are looking for. They're getting into unlocked vehicles and stealing your garage door opener. Then it's as simple as opening your garage door.

Jonie's was one of 20 homes in Northwest Fresno hit by burglars since July 4th. Fresno Police Sgt. Anthony Dewall says thieves are also getting into garages through the side door of a home. "They're just gaining access into the garage because it's not as secured as a normal exterior door like front, back or sliding door."

Jonie says the burglars didn't get much from her home. "There was a saw about $300 bucks." They tried to steal a $26,000 dollar motorcycle but luckily it had a kill switch. Branch said, "It was backed out, it was sitting on the street."

Sgt. Dewall suggests locking your car doors and hiding any temptations from thieves. He says three cars have already been stolen, along with several laptops and gps devices.

Jonie Branch said lesson learned. She'll be even more vigilant about locking everything up. "It makes you feel very violated, people wanting stuff that belongs to somebody else."

Police say burglars are also getting into garages and homes by slipping under those that are left cracked open and said homeowners should get into the habit of locking the door that lead from their garage to their home.


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