Foreclosure Scam

Fresno, CA, USA But he's not getting much work these days, and he's fallen behind on his mortgage payments. A few months ago he heard an ad on the radio, and called Noemquite mi casa dot come, or don't take my house. They promised to help.

Jorge says they told him they could solve his foreclosure problem in about 45 days. He just needed to send them money.

In broken English he says, "One thousand nine hundred 45 dollars."

He sent the money in four money orders, and never heard from them again. It's a familiar story for Doug Broten at the Better Business Bureau. He says "They appear to be taking their money and not providing any services."

It's happening to homeowners all over the state. Brotons says this company targets Spanish speaking people.

"Here somebody is talking to them, offering them help. And what they are doing is only taking their money and taking advantage of them."

Jorge's bank has not filed foreclosure papers yet, but he knows he is behind on his payments and owes them thousands. He thought sending money to Nomequita mi casa dot com would help. Asked what he will do if he loses his house and he shrugs sadly and says he just doesn't know.


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