Valley Democrats Energized By Obama's Speech

Fresno, CA, USA Community activist and former Fresno City Council member Les Kimber was moved by Obama's message. "Fantastic." He said. "I really think that Barack made his case tonight. And that's the next President of the United States. Very impressed."

Celeste De Monte of Fresno said Obama seemed to touch on every major issue, and offer solutions. She said, "It was very exciting to hear his plans, were broad, but he also had specifics." And added,"I think it's going to be like trying to turn a battleship around to get things changed, but the fact he's getting people excited has gotten me excited again."

Cecile Greathouse said she was inspired. "It was hopeful it gave me something to look forward to, because a lot of politicians talk and don't deliver. But he actually seems sincere with the things that he's saying and just hopes that he gets in office."

Political Science Professor Richard Unruh of Fresno Pacific University believes Obama has a shot at actually making some changes, if elected.

He said, "The possibility for change, I would say yes, particularly if you have one party government in Washington."

But Unruh says Obama will no doubt face obstacles. "Whether he'll be able to make as much change as he'd like to make, I think he will probably experience what every President does, and that's there is a certain status quo, vested interest that tends to frustrate any President." Unruh said.

Those watching the address seemed to agree that despite the difficulties, Obama can get America back on track.

Neal Howard of Fresno put it this way, "This is an individual who could do a lot to lead us in the right direction."

And, as Les Kimber sees it, make history at the same time.

"That's one that I'd never see in my lifetime. An African American President of the United States.

That is historical, and it's a blessing. And it's gonna happen.


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