Mariposa County Fair | Telegraph Fire

Mariposa, CA, USA Mariposa Chamber of Commerce Paul Hall: "At this moment it's something over 30-thousand and we have 30 homes that have been lost while that's a great start we hope we can continue it." When the flames came dangerously close, Darlene Hales could have been a victim. On this Labor Day, she took the time to thank those who fought the flames and labored to save her home.

Darlene Hales said: "How can you begin to express the gratitude to people who saved your home. I believe these people are truly heroes." Yet another way the people of Mariposa are showing their thanks is by letting all the firefighters into the fair for free.

Hundreds of fairgoers also stopped by this Calfire display that explains how you can avoid becoming a victim by clearing brush around your home. It's too late, though, for Lonnie and Brenda Richards who lost two homes. For them this holiday is a welcome break. Fire victim Lonnie Richards said: "It's just a day off for everybody just to thank god for what we do have and hope for the best." Brenda Richards said:"You see old friends, you're happy, you kind of forget about what happened."

Forgetting the Telegraph fire may be impossible, but more normal days like this are a start.


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