What Happened to Tom Creighton?

Fresno, CA, USA Was he the victim of foul play or was his death an accident? The 48-year-old was found close to a month ago unconscious in his front yard.

Police are investigating the question on the minds of an entire community, what happened to tom Creighton? Weeks after his death investigators are still trying to piece together his last moments.

Tom Creighton lived in Kingsburg nearly all of his life. The Creighton name is well known in the tight knit town, his family owns the local funeral chapel where he worked.

Early last month neighbors were shocked to find Creighton unconscious in his driveway right next door to the chapel. "We've heard everything from he was attacked at the residence to he tripped and fell and hit his head on something at the residence. We've heard rumors that he was assaulted at another location and dropped off there," said Kingsburg Police Chief Jeff Dunn.

Interviews are helping police sort out fact from fiction. Most of the stories circulating have turned out to be unsubstantiated.

What investigators know for sure, Creighton was likely lying in his driveway for hours before anyone noticed him and called for help. "We're very interested in anybody that had contact with Mr. Creighton in the previous 24 hours before he was discovered in his driveway," said Dunn.

The coroner's findings are fueling even more speculation. In a statement to Action News, coroner's officials said "An autopsy revealed Mr. Creighton died from blunt force injuries of the head. The manner of death has not been determined at this time."

Police do not believe Creighton was robbed. They never got to question him because he was never able to talk after he was critically hurt.

Coroner officials are planning to meet with police investigators later this week to share information. Police are hoping to get more answers at that time. Creighton family members declined our requests for an interview.


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