Central Calif. Blood Center Groundbreaking

Fresno, CA, USA Karagin Udall said: "I can take yoga. I can do some things that some kids in there can't do. I think that's kind of cool because a few months ago I couldn't do that. I didn't have the energy to do that. Now I can." Karagin's parents say their little girl couldn't have made it thru the really tough times without transfusions from the Central California Blood Center.

But the 30 year old blood center has now outgrown its space in central Fresno with lab workers trying not to bump into each other. Yet another problem, maneuvering these huge blood mobiles in and out of the old parking lot where they are squeezed in.

But there will be plenty of room on this vacant lot in Northwest Fresno. It will be home to a new 20-million dollar, 62-thousand square foot blood center that will include a state of the art lab. Money coming from donations and streamlining operations over the years. Blood Center C.E.O. Dean Eller said: "It's a large new facility that will really serve the entire Central California community for the next 30 years." Groundbreaking day will also be an emotional one for Blood center C.E.O. Dean Eller.

There weren't enough transfusions to save his daughter Jenny, a star softball player who lost her battle with leukemia. Eller said: "I basically told her the night she died about an hour before she died that I'd carry on her work. She was very passionate about the blood center because blood donors were keeping her alive. As part of the promise, the new building will also house the Jenny Eller donor center."


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