Valley Political Circles Await McCain's Speech

Fresno, CA Most Americans are still talking about Wednesday night's speech ... the one where Sarah Palin went after Barack Obama, Washington insiders and the media all in a span of 42 minutes.

Tonight the other guy on the republican ticket will have the opportunity to talk. Some wonder if John McCain can muster the same charm and charisma Governor Palin did.

Valley political analyst Don Larson says he doesn't have to. He says, " I think he needs to lay out some plans of what it is he wants to do and what it is he wants to accomplish and present himself as a bonafide candidate to the American people who has been thoroughly vetted by the electorate of this nation and is ready to take up the cause and lead the charge and lead the nation."

Valley native and McCain's California Campaign Chairman Bill Jones is in the Twin Cities at the convention. He believes McCain's job tonight is to reach out to undecided voters and pull them onboard the McCain train. Jones says, "what he is going to do I think is reach out to conservative democrats and independents and say 'look it's okay to come and support us just as you supported Ronald Reagan 25 years ago' and that's the message I hope they deliver tonight."

Local republican organizer Mike Der Manouel has been a Rudy Guiliani supporter all along and never thought John McCain had a chance. He changed his mind when the Arizona senator picked Sarah Palin to be his running mate. And because of her performance Wednesday night, Der Manouel says John McCain doesn't have to say much. Says Der Manouel, "while the vice presidential pick isn't what always makes an election, she's added a lot already. I think John McCain has a real chance now. I didn't think that in June."

Friday the parties are over and the speeches are done. Let the real campaigning begin.


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