Ike: Evacuation Orders Lifted for Florida Keys

Fresno, CA, USA 25,000 residents were sent out of their homes Sunday out of fear that the hurricane would cause severe damage. A mandatory evacuation order for tourists was also enforced on Saturday.

A tropical storm warning and hurricane watch is still in effect for the area even though Ike is expected to head south and west of the islands. Residents who left are being advised not to return until Wednesday.

In Cuba, waves from Ike's winds flooded homes and destroyed buildings in coastal areas. About 900,000 people there had been evacuated.

Forecasters say Ike could make a direct hit on Cuba's capital Havana as it crosses the country. When it slammed into eastern Cuba last night, it tore off roofs, knocked trees down, and sent huge waves crashing into buildings.

The category-two storm killed at least 58 people in Haiti.

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