Deadly Family Dispute

Fresno, CA, USA Police say the accused killer, Nerses Tashchian, shot and killed 60-year old Souren Avetisian, the children's maternal grandfather. Avetisian was babysitting at the time. Frightened neighbors woke to the noise and some disturbing evidence.

Neighbor Danny Gonzalez said: "a trail of blood basically it's pretty scary to know that." That blood led police to Taschian and his home, that's just down the street. One neighbor, who didn't want to be identified, said on the surface, they appeared to be a close-knit family.

Neighbor said: "This family is extremely family oriented. I can't see anything out of the ordinary from any typical family. I would say it would have to be a crime of passion in some way." Tashchian's son, Albert, told me off camera that this is just devastating with his father now accused of murder and his four children losing two grandfathers in one night.

Police aren't speculating on a motive. Neighbors call it a truly a senseless family tragedy. Neighbor said: "I know them you bet my heart goes out to them so much."

Action News has learned that Nerses Taschian does have a criminal record. Three years ago, he pled no contest to disorderly conduct charges stemming from an incident at a Fresno swimming pool involving a young girl.


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