Sarah Palin and Evangelical Christian Voters

Fresno, CA What a difference six months can make. Voters have moved from apathy to ecstatic. Sarah Palin has energized all kinds of voters, but particularly evangelical Christians.

According to the Barna Institute, a Christian research organization out of southern California, of the 18 million evangelical Christians in this country 40 percent said back in February they would choose a democratic candidate in November. Only 29 percent said they would vote republican.

Richard Unruh is a professor at Fresno Pacific University. He's taught about religion and politics for years. He believes the republicans have found the key to winning over evangelical Christians. He also believes the republicans now have a good chance of winning at the polls in November.

Richard Unruh says, "evidence that he might have found that key came in public opinion polls shortly after the republican convention when his support amongst those voters jumped by 7 percentage points."

Pastor Jim Franklin of Fresno's /*Cornerstone Church*/ says many evangelical Christians have been concerned John McCain wasn't morally conservative enough for them. But with Sarah Palin on the ticket, Franklin says evangelicals have more assurance McCain is on their side.

He says, "here it is the number two slot... the one you're going to attach your wagon to as far as being able to defeat Barack Obama... who did he select? He selected a conservative evangelical woman! This proved his commitment to our values."

Two women who work at Cornerstone church told Action News they plan to go to the polls in November say Sarah Palin sealed the deal. John McCain for president. /*Sarah Palin*/ as vice president.

Margaret Chapa says, " I'm excited about her views and the voice that's she's going to be giving women who have been left behind by the National Organization for Women."

Gracie Dejuarez says, "She reaches a different kind of audience... women, family the working class. That's how I feel."

Sarah Palin is riding the wave of evangelical voter enthusiasm now, but in politics anything can change especially with several weeks until the election.


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