Bush Tours Texas Disaster Area

Nassau Bay, TX, USA -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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The remnants of homes carried off their foundations are what President Bush will see when he tours the hurricane ravaged Texas Gulf Coast.

"We had friends who stayed and they were up in their cabins, and we didn't know if he was alive or dead," said Judy Dohman of Bayou Vista.

Nearly 2 million remain without power in Texas and cleanup efforts continue in the five states flooded by Ike. But it was along the Texas coast where Ike obliterated whole blocks and in Galveston, a city deemed unfit for habitation, the powerful storm wiped out the tourist district.

This is part of Seawall Blvd that used to be filled with bustling businesses, souvenirs shops and restaurants. After hurricane Ike, this looks more like a pile of matchsticks, than buildings.

FEMA is pledging to deliver 7 million meals along with water and ice to those who remained behind, but the delivery of aid has been a source of tension between local and federal officials. "A man after he ate a hot meal, came back to ask and asked if he could give a donation," said Capt. Andy Miller with the Salvation Army.

With all the devastation, construction crews have fanned out throughout the area to re-build. But officials said it will take weeks, months, even years for this region to fully recover.


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