9-Year-Old Girl Kidnapped & Possibly Assaulted

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Police say the girl told them she was kidnapped not far from here as she walked home alone. Police say the child is scared and traumatized but gave very specific information about the incident.

This is the call parents got Tuesday night from Ewing administrators.

A recorded message letting them know about a report taken by Fresno police of a nine year old student who told officers she was kidnapped and assaulted. Some parents felt the school should've made contact with families earlier.

Tim Daniels Jr., Ewing parent: "I feel it's pretty upsetting. As a parent I feel I should've been informed yesterday, not well over 24 hours later."

Laurie Marin, Ewing parent: "I believe they should've let our children, sent notes home with our children to let us know what happened here, because we had no idea."

Fresno police say a fourth grader was walking home from school Monday when she was approached by a man who offered her a ride home.

Jeff Cardinale, Fresno Police Department: "The little girl accepted, she was driven to another location, where according to the young girl she may have been the victim of a sexual assault."

Investigators say the girl got away from the suspect and ran home. Her parents called police.

Parents who live near Ewing say when they heard about the incident they immediately talked with their kids about potential dangers.

Val Sanchez, Ewing parent: "I immediately got both my girls in the house and I told them that anybody approached them that they do not know either scream or run or let someone know but mainly scream. Because when you scream, you'll catch people's attention."

Police say the nine year old girl usually gets a ride home from a relative but decided to walk by herself on Monday.

Fresno Unified officials say a note will go home with students Wednesday.

If any students are worried or have any concerns school psychologists will be available here Wednesday.


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