Running Horse Update

Fresno, CA, USA When Scott Webb passed away he was deep into planning to again try to resurrect this course. You can see with the courses condition and the economic climate, it will not be easy.

The landscape has faded at the once promising Running Horse Development. But some hope remains for the few that live among shabby wood frames in neighborhoods never completed. Doug Steiner is one homeowner who is refusing to give up on the project.

Doug Steiner, Running Horse Homeowner: "I really think it'll come. They've done so much dirt work and there's a lot of sprinkler systems and stuff that are out there that are vandalized but are still serviceable."

An economic downturn has virtually frozen offers on the property. Those few deals that are coming in are too low for the bank to accept.

Real estate billionaire Donald Trump has a freestanding offer on the table, but his interest has subsided too.

"We are committed to remaining in the process with Running Horse, whether or not it ever comes to fruition well that's a whole nother story. We would certainly be interested in reaching your new mayor and seeing what economic packages can be provided."

Mayoral finalists Ashley Swearengin and Henry T. Perea would like to see the project eventually finished.

Henry T. Perea, Mayoral Candidate: "So many people had their hopes and dreams and their money invested in this project and now to see in the state that it's in today. It's disappointing on a lot of different levels. So I think if we're going to revive that project we're going to have to do it in partnership with the community and make sure that the neighborhood is involved because that's the only way we're going to have a successful project."

Ashley Swearengin, Mayoral Candidate: "The private sector has to lead. I think anybody that comes to the table and says government needs to lead the comeback of running horse does not have a deal in my opinion."

If a private deal is reached Swearengin says the city could then assist with things like infrastructure.

If Running Horse doesn't end up in a world championship golf course- Perea says a mixed use development might be another avenue to explore.

An architect who has been working with Scott Webb in recent months says he plans to still try to get a loan to finish the project.


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