Reaction to Abdullah's Guilty Verdict

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Shelly Telen Wiens was pregnant and a mother of two when her husband was murdered on duty in 2001.

"It's been a hard road, so."

Friday after listening to a judge's guilty verdict, Wiens said she was relieved to have a very difficult chapter in her life over.

Shelly Telen Wiens: "It's not easy I have 4 children to take care of at home, so it's a lot of emotions but Eric is my hero and I just love him and miss him."

Telen's mother, Sharon believes Ramadan Abdullah should get life in prison without parole.

Sharon Telen, Telen's Mother: "The sentence has to be what it is to protect all of us. This is the middle ground and it's ok. I don't need to see Ramadan die."

Abdullah's mother says her son has never had the mental capacity to assist in his own defense.

During a visit with her son Wednesday Yasmeen Shuler said Abdullah still didn't comprehend the deal he made with prosecutors.

Yasmeen Shuler, Abdullah's Mother: "I just wanted to see what he understood as far as the rights that he gave up and he said something to the effect of well the judge told the jury something um in the trial that if he finds reasonable doubt he can acquit me and I just held my head down because, he didn't have a clue."

Telen's widow has accepted the fact that Abdullah will likely get a life sentence. She believes he was in his right mind when he lied in wait and fired upon Telen, taking her husband's life instantly.

"His mental state now after being in a tiny cell for 7 years, I don't know. But during the time that he murdered my husband I know he was sane enough to know what he was doing."

Family members will get to express their feelings directly to Abdullah for the first time during sentencing in October.


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