Obama T-shirt Controversy in Colorado

National News Daxx Dalton says he made this "Anti-Obama" shirt and wore it to school on a day when students were asked to wear red, white and blue to show their patriotism.

School officials found the shirt offensive and told him either to turn it inside out or face suspension.

Dalton opted for a three day suspension. He and his father say his shirt is a protected form of free speech.

Daxx Dalton said, "They're, um, taking away my right of freedom of speech. If I have the right to wear this shirt, I'm gonna use it."

Dann Dalton said, "The public school system, I mean, let's, let's be realistic. It's, it's full of, and you know liberal loons."

The school district's dress code policy bans any clothing that can cause a distraction in class.

Administrators say Dalton's shirt led to arguments and shouting matches on the playground and in the classroom.


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