Big Fresno Fair Exhibit Preview

Fresno, CA, USA You can even treat yourself to a deep-fried White-Castle Burger.

Fresno Fair CEO John Alkire says he doesn't want people to come out and say ... yep ... same as last year. Visitors will find one new exhibit ... depending on their point of view ... either disgusting or hilarious.

The cow in the outhouse will turn heads. And there is a reason for the bathroom humor.

John Alkire said, "As you can see the cow is bobbing her head up and down. She defecates into the actual digester and we show how that manure is changed to power."

The new exhibit shows how methane is produced from manure. Just next door to Dairyville USA you'll find a barnyard laser shooting gallery 25 shots for a buck at this theme park-like attraction.

John Daniels said, "We have an alligator in the outhouse who comes out singing and strumming a banjo. The rabbit who's pretty much the boss of this whole thing is the main farmer guy behind it. He might heckle you back and say some things like 'I thought you were a good shot or something like that."

But you'll notice changes even before you get in. Soothing waterfalls greet you at the new, shaded Kings Canyon gate. No more long lines outside.

"The police department felt very concerned about all the folks that we had, especially on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights out on Kings Canyon."

Horse racing fans will notice the racetrack sports a brand new toteboard as well as more green grass and trees. The fair this year will also be extended a day to Monday October 13th.

"Because of the tight economy 2 for 1 at the gate. Gonna try to blow the doors open."

You can also save by buying tickets on-line before the fair begins. Deals range from a dollar off on any day to three-dollar Monday and two-dollar Tuesday tickets.


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