Abortion Activist's 40 Day Prayer Rally

Fresno, CA, USA With patriotic flags and balloons as a backdrop, the Fresno chapter of "Right to Life" embarked on a 40 day campaign.

"It's the biggest pro-life effort to ever come to Fresno California," said Josh Brahm.

Protesters plan to picket outside this Planned Parenthood clinic in the Tower district from now until just before the November election. Organizer Josh Brahm says this Fresno protest is part of a much bigger effort.

"We are at the same time as over 170 other communities from coast to coast getting together in a major pro-life mobilization called 40-days for life," said Brahm.

Planned Parenthood officials expect the protesters will do very little to scare away patients.

"Typical protests are pretty peaceful and small," said Planned Parenthood's Maryann Garcia.

Come November, California voters will also weigh in on this abortion debate. Proposition 4 would ban abortions for underage teens unless they have permission from a parent. Karen Lamb has been an activist for 37 years and said a proposition like this is a step closer to ending legalized abortions.

Lamb: "This is a living human being with a heart beating, with brain waves, with fingers, toes."

But Planned Parenthood director Patsy Montgomery says Prop 4 would only work in a perfect world.

"Not every girl lives in a family where she has good parents or parents she can go to or maybe it's just that she wants to involve her grandmother," said Montgomery.

Montgomery claimed Prop 4 would push teenagers away from quality health care.

"California's doing things right. We know how it works. We've reduced teen pregnancies in this state by over 40%. We've reduced abortions in this state by more than 45% over the last decade," said Montgomery.

Abortions make up only 3% of Fresno Planned Parenthood's business. Similar propositions to limit underage abortions have been introduced in the past, in 2005 and six but they failed.


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