911 Survivor Closes Clovis Business

Fresno, CA, USA Isolano said, "The freezer is not too bad. I was able to knock down the stock pretty good." Isolano has cleared most of his inventory. The walls are still decorated with imagery of fire fighters. A place Isolano invested hundreds of thousands of dollars is now closed for business. Isolano said, "It was a rough day. This was ... A lot of heart went into it ... it's only money. I stand to loose a bunch of money, but start again. New life."

Isolano's life took an awful turn on 9-11. The Former New York Fire Fighter responded to ground zero to dig and to find survivors. Then three years later, he lives in Fresno and attends local 9-11 memorials. Isolano said he shut down his deli because people just weren't spending money. It's a common experience among local business owners. Commercial real-estate broker Brandon Lamonica said just look at Fresno's office spaces: Vacancy rates are way up at 14%. Lamonica said, "The overall attitudes from tenants in today's market place is a little bit of uncertainty. They're not sure what the future holds for the economy."

The future for Isolano is certain in one area. He plans to stay in the valley and not go back to New York City a place where he sacrificed a lot. Isolano said, "I love it out here ... People have made me feel like this is my new home." Isolano is now trying to sell the deli. He said he received some interest but no solid buyers. He also plans to try to get a job with a local fire department.


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