Parents Respond to Foul Language Lesson

Fresno, CA, USA The parents passed out these packets before and after school. Included is the list of 21 words, some very explicit which were presented to students the first week of school.

Parents pulling up to Tioga Middle School may have done a double take at the word list they were handed Thursday. It includes vulgar descriptions of sex acts and slang derogatory names. Teachers used them during a lesson plan about inappropriate profanity at school.

Erin Hawkins said, "I was outraged, I couldn't believe it. I was just dumbfounded. I just couldn't understand why they ever think this was a good idea."

School Principal Ray Avila says the short discussion was one of 24 lessons intended to explain behavior expectations at school.

"Apologies have been made on behalf of the school because it is not our intent to at all to offend any parent or offend or startle any child," Ray Avila.

A few parents expressed frustration over the schools reluctance to provide a list of the words discussed. They believe it is their right to be informed of any and all material presented to students.

But some parents said profanity is a problem and they appreciate the schools attempt to address it.

Jose Ortiz Said, "An intelligent person that's going to school shouldn't be using uneducated words."

The principal says in the future teachers will not be giving any specific examples of dirty words.

"The intent of the lesson was to be proactive and to make sure that our students are not making inappropriate choices while they're on campus," Ray Avila.

Instead of instilling boundaries, one parent says it piqued her sons curiosity and prompted some eyebrow raising questions.

"My son didn't know what all the words meant and came home and asked me what the slang for oral sex was so I thought what is going on over there," said Erin Hawkins.

School leaders say they are sorry and now moving on with the business of educating students.

Some parents are not satisfied with the schools response. They say they are going to the next board meeting to present the word list to members.


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