Corcoran Hospital Job Cuts

Corcoran, CA, USA The mood around the Corcoran District Hospital was tense Thursday after administrators laid off 27 people. 18 were full-time workers. Hospital officials say they had to let people go because this year's state budget cut $500-thousand dollars in Medi-Cal reimbursements to the hospital. Lisa Toney who worked at the hospital several years ago says the layoffs will not only have a big impact on the hospital but the entire community.

Former Hospital Employee Lisa Toney said, "It is really sad what's going on because it's a small community and the Corcoran Hospital is all we have here we'll have to travel to Hanford or Tulare wherever and it's not really fair."

In a written statement, Hospital CEO David Hill reassured Corcoran residents the hospital will still provide quality health care.

"Our focus now is on reassuring the community and every patient we see that things are okay, the hospital is financially sound and that we're excited about plans for moving into a new hospital building."

The hospital also said it arranged for the laid off employees to meet with outplacement workers about other prospective job openings in the area.

Several employees we talked to who wished not to speak on camera said most of the people laid off were certified nursing assistants or worked in housekeeping.

Earlier this week hospital administrators also announced they would limit the number of people they treat in Corcoran's emergency room, a move that has some residents worried.

Lisa Toney said, "When you need the care right now you need that emergency room there because minutes matter, minutes matter a lot."

The closest ER to Corcoran is Hanford hospital, more than 20 miles away.


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