UPDATE: Robbery Suspects Shot by Clerk at Fresno Co. Store

No Charges Filed Against Fresno Co. Store Owner
Fresno, CA, USA The Wildflower Market was not the store to target Thursday night. A hostile hold up attempt ended without a dime, only injuries after the would be robbers were both shot and hit by a clerk who refused to be a victim.

Victor Weismer of Fresno county sheriff's department said, "It is unusual. That actually the clerk would come out and shoot the suspects and actually hit them and didn't shoot any innocent bystanders."

The woman who fired, was protecting her husband who had been manning the front of the store when two armed men wearing masks entered.

"Apparently there was some confrontation, and a robbery attempt there was some noise made and the clerk came out from. There were two people in the store and the clerk came out from the back with a gun and shot both of the suspects."

Nine surveillance cameras keep watch over the store, monitoring every move inside and outside the market.

But it didn't take the taped evidence to track down the suspects, ten minutes later they were found a few miles away asking for help. One was shot in the chest, the other in the arm.

Sheriff's say they had already made up a story about how they got shot but it didn't add up.

Harry Gill insures convenience stores around the valley. He also owns two himself. He always gives store owners one vital piece of advice.

Harry Gill said, "Don't keep more than 100 dollars in the safe. If somebody comes in, just open the safe and let them take it."

Gill's partner was shot and killed during a robbery in Fresno in 2001.

He says surveillance cameras and bulletproof glass are wise investments for store owners to stay safe.

Police say the suspect shot in the chest is expected to survive, while the other suspect was treated and booked into jail.


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