Fresno Tagger Goes on a Spray-Painting Spree

Fresno, CA, USA At 3:00 this morning, while many slept, police say one man was hard at work. Spray painting the walls of everything from buildings, to light poles. The suspect was caught just a few blocks from here with evidence he couldn't shake off.

The walls of many businesses downtown Fresno are etched in black.

Fresno police say early Tuesday Victor Wilson casually walked through the Fulton Mall area literally painting the town.

Jeff Cardinale said, "He was simply going from building to building, tagging the buildings with his moniker. And several people saw him doing it. He was doing this at night but in plain view of everybody else."

Officers say there was no way Wilson could deny his involvement once they followed the tagging trail. He was full of evidence.

"When officers made contact with him he was found to be covered in spray paint, on his arms and on his hands which is a clear sign he was using spray paint just moments before he was contacted."

The escapade ended after 4-thousand dollars in damage was done. The eyesore will now have to be cleaned up by graffiti removal teams.

Investigating officers aren't sure just how many cans of spray paint Wilson went through during the vandalism spree but he was not carrying any when he was arrested.

"Typically when graffiti artists or taggers spray buildings, they will spray the building and quickly get rid of the can. They don't want to have anything on them because they want to be as mobile as possible."

Fresno police say Wilson is a well known tagger already facing prosecution for felony vandalism and other crimes.

Wilson is in the Fresno County Jail on 15 thousand dollars bail.

Crews started covering up some of the graffiti, they will continue Wednesday.


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