Saving Money at the Big Fresno Fair

Fresno, CA, USA For families with kids the Big Fresno Fair can cause a sensory overload. All the smells, sounds and sights. It can be difficult for parents to say no but the idea is to stay within your budget.

Catfish Falls provides a cool retreat for adults and especially kids who are hooked on this spot.

"We didn't catch any because they're all under the dock and they didn't want my bait."

Families love the play areas where you can fish or run around on a pirate ship.

Veronica Lara said, "It's nice. It's convenient for the kids and he runs all through it the whole day and its free so it fits my budget."

The key is to slow your pace so you can enjoy all the free exhibits like the new Crystal Ag-Venture area where you can see turtles and alligators.

Heather Nalotkey said, "We budget for the fair. The fair is one of our favorite things to do every year. We plan on eating. The rides? We'll probably do one or two rides and not buy the whole shebang for the rides."

It adds up quickly for a family of four. Parking costs anywhere from $5.00 to $12.00. Admission for two adults and two kids comes out to $26.00. That's $31-bucks just to get in. Then you have to eat. The corn dog stand is often the first stop.

Francene Awbrey said, "Pretty much. We like the corn dogs here and it makes a good lunch."

A small corndog and lemonade will set you back $6.75. Some people here can't function without a cinnamon roll, which costs $4.00 without frosting or nuts. A tri-tip or beef sandwich goes for under $9.00. But visitors who have a beef about rising food prices were pleasantly surprised.

Veronica Lara said, "I think the only thing I've seen was the pizza. They may have raised it a quarter but that was it. Everything was usually the same."

Money's tight for everyone but Veronica Lara is a wise consumer.

"There's alot of on-line coupons too like two-dollar Tuesdays and three-dollar Wednesdays and stuff like that."

The nightly concerts come with added cost but if you don't buy a ticket you can find plenty of spots to stand or sit outside the venue and still enjoy the music.


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