Presidential Campaign Gets Heated

New York, NY, USA Protesters greeted Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin as she arrived in Burlingame for a fundraiser. It was her only Bay Area appearance.

Earlier, Palin accused Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama of "palling" around with terrorists.

John McCain's poll numbers have dropped along with the Dow Jones. Now, his campaign is turning the page on the economy and turning to Palin to attack. "OK now. The heels are on, the gloves come off," said Palin.

Sarah Palin continues her charge that Barack Obama has been "palling around with terrorists." "I'm afraid this is someone who thinks America is imperfect enough to work with a former domestic terrorist."

Palin questioned Obama's patriotism due to his association with Bill Ayers, a Chicago professor who was once a member of a group the FBI called a domestic terrorist organization.

"They plan to, and I quote, turn the page on the discussion about our economy, and spend the final weeks of this campaign launching swift-boat-style attacks on me," said Obama.

Obama also realizes sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Campaign's web documentary trailer on "Keating 5 Fraud, It's the creation of trust, and then it's betrayal." Going along with the McCain campaign's "Guilt by Association" in a new web documentary, the Obama campaign reminds voters that, back in the 80's, McCain was one of the so-called "Keating 5." Five members of congress accused of corruption as part of the larger savings and loan crisis of the late 1980s.

It appears, well before the second presidential debate Tuesday night, the gloves are already off. The national polls show McCain eight points behind.


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