Reedley Councilman's Family Continues Campaign

Reedley, CA, USA Daughter Katy Brockett said: "I miss the most about my Dad, everything about him. From rubbing his bald head to playing with him."

Brockett and her brothers and sisters hope to fill the big void left by their father's sudden death by continuing his campaign. At just 43, Scott Brockett died from natural causes as he campaigned for re-election to Reedley City Council.

Son Nick says getting their father re-elected will show Reedley what kind of person voters really want representing them on council. Nick Brockett said: "He was already going for it with this re-election campaign. We can honor him by doing this by getting him re-elected."

Many in Reedley are still mourning Scott Brockett's loss, draping his signs in black. It was too late to take his name off November's ballot. So, there's still a chance that Brockett could posthumously beat challenger Pete Chavez.

If Brockett wins, someone else could be appointed to fill his vacant seat. Reedley City Manager Rocky Rogers said: "The mayor will make the suggestion most likely then council will vote on that suggestion that's typically the way it happens."

If council can't agree on a replacement, next would come a costly special election. The Brockett children say they haven't yet decided whether they would run. As for voting for their father, some say it would be a wasted vote.

Voter Hernan Celis said:"I don't think it would change anything if we voted for him or not. But just maybe out of respect. I don't think I would." As for Pete Chavez, he has no comment on the Brockett family's decision to continue the campaign. He says his focus will remain on his grassroots effort to win this election.


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