Big Fresno Fair | Education Day

Fresno, CA, USA In the middle of all the fun for folks of all ages is the potential to teach young people all sorts of things during the six different days when area students arrive for a field trip to the fair. Especially one that includes the sound a baby pigs: "oink oink oink ... "

Deborah Hartunian's 1st grade class from Fresno's Martin Luther King Elementary school couldn't get enough of the piglets. J'khori, Martin Luther King Student told us, "Uh, I saw them. They was playing tag." For city kids a trip here is truly a lesson.

1st grade teacher Deborah Hartunian says, "They haven't experienced a lot of these things, they don't live on a farm, they've never gotten to see one." As they strolled by the momma cows she asked her class, "What do cows eat? The kids replied, "Alfalfa." She then asked them, "What else?" They had been studying for this visit to the Fair's Livestock Pavilion.

Hands on practice getting the milk out is also part of the lesson plan and all the kids gave it a try on a simulated cow!

Helping keep all the kids corralled is part of the job of parent volunteers like Crystal Graves, "It is so busy. And it's, you have to pay attention because there are so many little ones. It's not like bringing two or three kids, it's like 20!"

The same scene is being played out all over the fair as other classes of kids made track for the Gems and Minerals Exhibit where they were greeted by experts, "You're gonna see some of the prettiest rocks in your life."

The teachers, parents and kids explored the world of rock and learned how a rock can be hiding a jewel. Sarah Gill, Malloch School Student told us about the geodes there, "If you cut a rock in half you can see, you can see, pretty crystals inside."

Sort of like opening young minds to experiences they can't get at home or at school. Back at the livestock pavilion five year old 1st grade student, J'khori, has her mind made up about the value of going to school. She told us, "I'm thinking it might be kind of fun."

A lot of fun, especially on Education Day at the Big Frenso Fair!


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