Valley Reaction to Presidential Debate

Fresno, CA McCain supporter Dan Durfelt was among those who gathered for a debate party at a restaurant in Northwest Fresno. "I think he's doing a good job. He needs to hang in there I think he's got good policy and I like his demeanor too, he doesn't get excited. He's doing a good job tonight." He said.

Obama supporters gathered at an eatery in Central Fresno, and thought their candidate had the upper hand.

Obama supporter Jill Fields said: "I do think Senator Obama is the winner here because he is more clear and specific in his answers. Senator Mccain keeps repeating these distortions and talks a lot in generalities."

Action News Political Analyst Tony Capozzi thought both candidates did well, but believes the pressure was on McCain. "This debate was really important for him. I think he really needed to hit a home run and I'm not sure he did that tonight." Capozzi said.

The economy was a big part of the debate, but independent voter Shawn Riggins says he wanted to hear more about that from both men.

He said, "Yeah, they started out on the economy I think they got away from it a little too soon.

The economy is what everybody is talking about today."

While both men offered different approaches on the economy, and energy Capozzi says there was little of the drama, or excitement the McCain campaign has vowed to bring.

"I think it was a draw tonight." Capozzi said. He added: "I think Obama did very well, I think McCain did very well. But that's not what McCain needs he needs something more than just doing well. He has to throw a knockout punch to get him back in the polls."


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