Plane Hits Truck in Northwest Fresno

10/11/2008 Fresno, CA, USA The delivery truck lost its roof and got damaged all along the side.

The two-seater plane didn't do much better. Its wings and its tail are all bent up and it has damage on the belly as well.

Firefighters say the pilot was trying to land at Sierra Skypark, but he came in too low and hit the top of the truck before bouncing into the small airport.

Nobody was badly hurt, but the two guys in the delivery truck got quite a scare. Jose Lomela, hit by plane, says "We noticed the guy who was in the airplane. He was going too low and in a few seconds we just felt the impact on the truck on the side."

Chuck Tobias, Fresno Fire Department, says "The pilot's extremely fortunate. This could've ended much worse than it did."

The pilot did suffer minor injuries, but paramedics treated him on the scene.


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