Madera Woman's Deportation Delayed

Fresno, CA, USA Lucila Huerta knows that legally she has no right to be in the country ... But fears that if she's forced to leave, her sick husband will not receive the care he needs ... and her 2 year old daughter may end up in foster care. She was hoping for a miracle and today she got a small one.

A tearful /*Lucila Huerta*/ said goodbye to her 2-year old adopted daughter Karen this morning. Not sure when she's be able to see her again. And she gave instructions to a family friend who would temporarily take care of her husband, who was diagnosed with valley fever in 2001. He later contracted meningitis and has been bed-ridden and unable to care for himself since.

Lucila left her Madera apartment early this morning and made the two and half hour trip to Bakersfield where she was scheduled to report for deportation after a three hour meeting with immigration and customs enforcement officials, she was allowed to return home.

Family friend Lydia Aguilar said, "In the car when we were driving we were talking about different things ... He says I'm going to be waiting with my arms open."

Immigration officials are currently reviewing her case. She is not eligible for a green card because she caught trying to enter the country illegally in 1999.

But her attorneys have filed a request to "ICE" asking that Lucila be allowed to remain in the country to care for her husband.

Lucila was told she may have a response to that request as early as this Friday.


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