Prop 8 Opposition Rally in Visalia

October 16, 2008 1:05:27 AM PDT
Dozens of Prop 8 opponents rallied in the South Valley Wednesday night, knowing their support of same-sex marriage is a view not shared by many of their neighbors. And changing minds on either side of the issue is no easy task.Cheers of unity filled the intersection of Mooney and Walnut in Visalia Wednesday evening. 70 people from as far as Porterville and Hanford crafted signs for drivers to read ... their message was clear: Vote no to proposition 8.

"It's really important to be out here today support for myself and other human beings out there," said Hanford's Wesley Applewhite.

If Prop 8 passes marriage in California would be defined as between a man and woman only. This would reverse the historic Supreme Court ruling in May that overturned the state's ban on same-sex marriage. Applewhite supports equal rights but worries this rally won't convince many people to vote no.

"Minds are already made up."

Reporter: "So why come out?

"To support. To say that this is our world. This is what it is and how we're gonna do it," said Applewhite.

"It's the job of all of us to vote our conscience whether you be for it our against it" said Krista Fagan.

Krista Fagan with Central Valley Save Marriage supports Prop 8. She claimed a "No" vote would change the tax exempt status for churches that argue against same-sex marriage and alter the way children are educated in school.

Fagan: "You're gonna see kids in kindergarten and in certain preschools forced to have the homosexual agenda shoved down their throats."

22 year old Alfredo Estrada from Visalia said that's not true.

"I think it's actually very scare tactic. It's not true. When I was in school I didn't learn about marriage. We learned about sex," said Estrada.

There are no future rallies planned. However organizers of Wednesday's event said based on the day's success they're confident going into the November 4th election.


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