Valley Reaction to Final Presidential Debate

Fresno, CA McCain supporters Joe Hill and Keynan Ammons watched the debate Wednesday night. Hill said," McCain scored his biggest points on health care and the economy."

Ammons said," Tonight I think John McCain scored the best points, was about taxes. He strongly dealt with taxes."

Steve Lundblad was among dozens of McCain supporters watching at Republican Party Headquarters in Fresno:" I think he did well. I mean I like to see him more aggressive. He said.

ABC 30 Political Analyst Tony Capozzi agreed McCain had a good night. "The major surprise was how aggressive McCain was in dealing directly with Obama. If you noticed he looked at Obama, he faced him, and confronted him with certain questions. Certain issues. That was good." Capozzi said.

But Obama supporters, meeting at a union hall thought McCain fell short. Samina Salahuddin said," I think what we're seeing tonight is Senator McCain on the offensive, and it backfiring."

Leslie Zarrinkhameh described McCain's efforts as "too little, too late." She added, "Obama's been saying and playing to Middle America for the longest time. Now, all of the sudden it sounds like McCain is now trying to say Oh now I care about Joe the plumber."

Capozzi thinks both McCain and Obama did what they had to do in this last debate. "Now, everybody's focused on McCain, but Obama did a good job. His job was not to make a mistake, not to do something really stupid. I think he looked Presidential." Capozzi said.

He added that while McCain's performance was better than in the two past debates, he felt there was no clear winner or loser in the debate.


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