Father Farrow Continues His Message Online

Fresno, CA, USA After Father Geoff Farrow made his statement, he left Fresno and has been staying in Los Angeles. He said life has been difficult since he shared his feelings about the November ballot measure, but he still believes he did the right thing.

Father Geoff Farrow has been posting his views and opinions with people all over the world.

In his blog, he answers questions many have about why he delivered a controversial statement against Prop 8 from the pulpit.

Father Farrow said, "What most Catholics hear about being gay or lesbian at their parish is silence."

He also explains why he allowed an action news camera to videotape the entire service.

He wrote: I knew beforehand, that given the content of this statement, it could only be made once. The media's coverage made it possible for the whole parish to hear the message as well as others in our city.

In an entry dated October 10th, Father Farrow says he was asked during a parish meeting to make a statement about Prop 8. He offered to deliver it at the end of a mass.

Farrow has been removed from his assignment at Saint Paul Newman Center. He has also been suspended as a priest.

Bishop John Steinbock of the Fresno Diocese sent Farrow a letter saying quote, "Your statement contradicted the teaching of the Catholic Church and has brought scandal to your parish community as well as the whole church."

Farrow describes in his blog how he's doing now ...

It reads: Personally, my life has been rather difficult since I made this statement as I knew it would be. I have no regrets since, it was my hope that this statement would lead to greater discussion of the treatment of gay and lesbian people in and by the Church.

In his letter Bishop Steinbock scolded Farrow for quote, "Using the internet as a means of continuing your conflict with the church's teaching."

Even though he may be defrocked, Farrow says he expected the response he's received from the church.

Farrow has been making himself available for some interviews in southern California against Proposition 8. He plans to continue speaking out against the initiative up until Election Day.

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