PayPal Problem or a Crooked Deal?

Fresno, CA, USA Hanford police say a local woman used a fake PayPal email address to lure victims from across the United States into sending her valuables in exchange for money. But the money was never delivered. The suspect told action news she's innocent and this was all part of a business deal gone bad.

Hanford Resident Danette Williams says she was only doing her job when she pawned watches, rings, and other jewelry that was being mailed to her house.

The suspect Danette Williams said, "I just want to clear my name up I've never been in trouble you know and I shouldn't be getting in trouble for something I did not do or did not know."

Williams say she started an online job with a man from New Hampshire who says he wanted to open up his own thrift shop. Williams says she was told to by her boss to pawn the valuables.

Williams said, "He said to go open them up and then there's some jewelry in there take it to the pawn shop and sell it."

Police are investigating Williams' claims but insist she preyed on sellers on classified websites like craigslist, using a fake PayPal account.

Capt. Parker Sever of the Hanford Police Dept. said, "She set up a fraudulent PayPal account and led the victims to believe they had made a payment to PayPal they could get money from.

This woman in Minnesota thought she sold Williams her diamond and sapphire ring for $1500. She sent the ring, but never received the $1500.

Jennifer Marin said, "I don't understand how someone could do that in a time when it's already difficult enough.

Hanford police say there are at least six victims as far away as New Hampshire, New Jersey, Texas and Minnesota. They say they've seized a lot of stolen property from Williams' house.

Capt Sever said, "Its difficult for us without knowing the victims information to find out who these items belong to."

Police say they are working with local pawn shops to try and get any stolen items recovered. The Kings County District Attorney's Office hasn't filed charges yet but Williams could face grand theft charges.


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