Madera Woman Granted a "Stay of Deportation"

Fresno, CA, USA A smiling Lucila Huerta describes her reaction when she received the news that Immigration and Customs Enforcement was allowing her to stay with her family for one more year.

Thank God, now I'm so happy says Lucila. I'm so greatful to everyone who helped us. And thankful to immigration also for understanding that I need to be with my husband.

Lucila's husband is a U.S. citizen. He contracted valley fever several years ago and has been unable to care for himself since.

Guadalupe Huerta said, "I felt a huge weight was lifted this morning. Its hard to explain, but it was such a great feeling, because I was so worried."

Lucila was scheduled to be deported this past Wednesday. Her attorney Camille Cook says the one- year stay of deportation she was granted is rare.

Camille Cook said, "I wouldn't have been surprised if they'd only given her 3-6 months. In the past when I've seen stays get granted its typically for more like 30 days."

But Lucila's immigration troubles are not over … She will likely face deportation again when her "stay" expires next October.

Camille Cook said, "Unfortunately the only option that she has is a private bill in congress. So we will be looking at that and discussing it with which ever politician whose ear we can get."

At the Huerta home in Madera the phone has not stopped ringing.

Guadalupe Huerta said, "Our friends and even strangers are calling everyone is so happy for us. And we are just so thankful."

Immigration officials did not specify exactly why Huerta was granted the stay of deportation but cited the year extension gives attorneys time to legalize Huerta's status.


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