Candidates Race to the Finish Line

Washington D.C., USA Both candidates are taking swings at each other in the swing states.

As the Presidential candidates race to the finish line, the fight for the White House is now centered around a few select states.

Tuesday, both Barack Obama and John McCain are duking it out in Pennsylvania.

Some polls show Obama holds a double digit lead there and McCain is clearly on defense, arguing against giving the Democratic Party complete control over the government. "What's going to happen if you had Obama, Pelosi and Reid, my friends? That would be bad for America," said McCain.

That message may resonate with independent voters, but Obama is hoping another message will prevail, that a McCain administration would be more of the same. "After twenty-one months and three debates, Senator McCain still has not been able to tell the American people a single major thing he'd do differently from George Bush when it comes to the economy," said Obama.

Both campaigns are urging their supporters to vote early or absentee, a strategy that benefits barrack Obama.

In a new ABC News tracking poll, nine-percent of people say they've already voted. They support Obama by a 21-point margin.

But the early voting strategy won't work in Pennsylvania. "There's no early voting, so it's not like any votes are already locked in for Barack Obama. And Barack Obama did not run well here against Hillary Clinton and so I think that probably gives the McCain camp some hope," said Michael Berkman with Penn State University.

With so much ground to cover in these last few days both candidates are hopping from state to state. Later Tuesday McCain will head to North Carolina, while Obama holds rallies in Virginia.


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