UPDATE: Two Fresno Pit Bull Attacks

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The first attack happened just before 4:30am Thursday morning near Orleans and Ninth in Southeast Fresno. Two pit bulls attacked a man looking for recyclables.

Police shot a bean bag gun to scare away the dogs, but the dogs ran toward them. Officers then had to use their guns.

"Getting in the middle of one of these is kind of sticking your hand in a lawn mower. It's dangerous. These dogs are powerful and aggressive," said Richard De Jong with the Fresno Police Department.

One dog was run over by a patrol car arriving to help. That dog later died. The other dog ran off. Police said just hours later, it attacked again just a block away.

"I heard some kid yelling out for help, screaming, and I was wondering where the noise came from," said neighbor Vincent Barron.

A Sunnyside High School student on his way to a bus stop near Sequoia Middle School. Neighbors rushed to help with sticks and bats. The boy was taken to the hospital with cuts and scratches. Neighbors say they've seen these dogs roaming the streets before.

Animal Control and Police Officers warned school officials, then searched the neighborhood for the remaining pit bull, but couldn't find it.

Both victims were treated for their injuries and released. A spokesperson for nearby Sequoia Middle School said all gates to campus were closed as a safety measure to limit access.


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