Obama, McCain Crisscross the Country

10/26/2008 McCain has inched up slightly on the economy, the issue that dwarfs all others for likely voters. In Iowa today, he told voters he is the man to handle the financial crisis. "We shouldn't be taxing our small businesses more as Sen. Obama wants to do . We need to be helping them expand their businesses and create jobs," says Sen. McCain.

The latest ABC News poll shows likely voters still trust Barack Obama to handle the economy more than McCain. Last week it was 56 percent to 38. This week, its 53 percent to 42, showing the Democrat lost some ground.

It's this tightening that has fueled the Republicans optimism that he'll clinch Iowa's precious 7 electoral votes, and go to the White House. "We need to win Iowa on Nov. 4th and with your help, we're going to win here!"

But Sen. Obama is still ahead, and leads McCain in some battleground states by double digits. Still, he's not taking his lead for granted. He's unleashed a national campaign blitz that includes ads.

The Democrat is encouraging early voting and is mobilizing his army of volunteers to translate his current advantage, into victory. "And if you all organize with me, and march with me, and knock on doors with me and make phone calls with me we will win this election," says Sen. Obama.

The candidates will continue to keep up the pressure, crisscrossing battleground states this week. They will also roll out the stops - including former President Bill Clinton stumping for Obama in Florida.


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