Obama Visits Grandmother in Hawaii

Barack Obama is in Hawaii to visit his seriously ill grandmother. He's expected to return to his campaign, Saturday.

Meantime, the Republican ticket is keeping up a 'round the clock, pace.

A pair of late night flights, Obama landing in his native state of Hawaii and McCain touching down for a full day of campaigning in Colorado. Thursday, it was the campaign bus racking up the miles across Florida.

From lumber yards to doctor offices, McCain had no fewer than six events spread across the battleground state where he is tied with Barack Obama.

"The McCain campaign is trying to make sure that if they lose the election it's not because they lose Florida," said ABC News Senior Political Reporter Rick Klein.

McCain accused Obama of altering his mortgage credit proposal after McCain called it "welfare".

"It's another example that he'll say anything to get elected," said McCain.

McCain is hitting hard on the economy. It's the number one issue for voters... And new poll numbers show more of them trust Obama to fix it.

At a rally in Indianapolis, Obama argued McCain supports policies that help corporation's ship jobs overseas.

"More tax cuts for job outsourcing. That's what Senator McCain proposed as his answer to outsourcing," said Obama.

Sarah Palin will be sidetracked Friday. She'll give a deposition to Alaska investigators looking into whether she improperly fired a member of her cabinet.


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