Measure K ... Classrooms for Kids

Fresno, CA, USA Decades have passed since Terra Bella Elementary last received money from a school bond measure.

Superintendent Frank Betry said, "My understanding is that it's been 1974 since the last one retired so that meant it would have probably been the 1950s when the last bond was passed."

Betry says all school buildings are 50 to 70 years old. Officials hope a $3.3 million dollar bond from Measure K would help them update and build new classrooms and bathrooms. Officials also say the heating and air conditioning equipment is 20 years old and is not energy efficient.

Yolanda Bocanegra said, "We need to conserve energy and this is a way of doing it."

Most of all, the school wants a gymnasium. The cafeteria still has a basketball rim hanging on the wall from when it was used as a gym and eating facility in the 1930. But right now there's no place indoors for students to play sports.

Frank Betry said, "We have an excellent soccer league that services about 500 kids we'd like to do the same thing in basketball and maybe volleyball so that when our kids go to high school they're not at a disadvantage they have the same advantages that other children have."

Board members are passing around these flyers urging residents to vote "yes" on measure k. People we talked to said even though they're suffering from economic hardship, they're likely to vote for it.

Paul Gee said, "It would be on some and I think that might be the real question for them but it would benefit as a whole."

Nicholas Mitchell said, "It's good for the schools and I mean we're going to have kids going there and it's our own community so anything you put into it you're going to get back."

The bond would cost each person about $30 a year for every $100,000 dollars of assessed property value. Measure K needs 55% approval for it to pass.


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