Visalia Teens High School Musical Debut

Fresno, CA, USA We're here at Regal Cinemas in downtown Visalia where High School Musical 3 opens. If you're one of many people who'll be coming out to see the movie, Visalia teenager Stan Carrizosa is urging you to stay until the end credits ... Where he'll have his own musical appearance.

At first glance, Stan Carrizosa seems like another teenager hanging out with his friends in high school. In reality, this week has been a whirlwind of events for the Visalia native, who got to walk the red carpet in Los Angeles for the High School Musical 3 movie premiere.

Stan Carrizosa said, "And he said ok are you ready to walk the red carpet? And I'm just like walk the red carpet? What's going on and then I actually just walked up there and I acted like I was part of the cast and it was surreal to me because it was the fans, the Paparazzi and it was insane

This is music from the single the El Diamante senior recorded for Disney records. Carrizosa appears in his own music video that will run during the credits of High School Musical 3. All part of his prize for winning this season's "High School Musical: Get in the Picture" reality show on abc.

Carrizosa said, "It shows the whole cast and we're in the chorus and dancing to that and then when the movie is over it shows me walking out of the campus and I smile and look back and then the movie's done."

Stan is now back in Visalia, getting ready for this year's El Diamante Musical and goofing off with his friends. His friends say they're proud of Stan.

Stan's friend Eric Koresseo said, "When we found out he was on it was kind of eye-changing that someone from Visalia ... could go somewhere so big"

Stan says he's thankful for the community's support and is now thinking about an acting career.

Carrizosa said, "I want to have all my options open so I also want to fall into the music category too so kinda just be everything that I can I'm going to shoot for the stars and see how far I can go."

Stan and his family and friends will go see the movie this weekend at a local theater.


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