Site Seeing: Elections Websites

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The elections of 2008 are unlike any in our history and a big reason why is the impact of the internet. From fundraising to getting people out to vote, if you want to see democracy in action these days, all you need to get you started is a computer and access to the world wide web., the pew center, has developed an easy-to-read site where you can get up-to-date info on polling locations and their hours. Remember, some predict voter turnout this year to crush previous records and early voting has given us an early preview of things to come.

With people already exercising their right as an American, websites that claim to be non-partisan like have not only voter registration info but also what could prevent you from voting and what you should bring to the polls for identification. And if you have a problem the website urges you to share your story with them.

The website along with others like N.Y.U.'s have a team of lawyers closely monitoring irregularities at the polls and claim to be working to push reform to protect our democracy.

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