Uniting Against Gangs

Step Up Summit in Dinuba
Dinuba, CA, USA A public meeting on gang violence, called the "Step Up Summit" was held in Dinuba Monday night. The event had been scheduled for several weeks, but the recent shootings added importance to the session. Tulare County Supervisor Steve Worthley said the county is trying to be, "Proactive about gangs. To make people aware of what they can do, and how they can become involved."

Hundreds turned out to attend a variety of classes on different aspects of gang life. Special emphasis was placed on helping parents identify gang behavior in their children. "A lot of parents just don't understand the symptoms. They don't know why their kids like 49'er Jerseys, but don't watch the 49'ers play." Worthley said.

One of the hundreds attending the summit was Felix Garcia of Cutler. He said he came because," I live in Cutler and the violence is really bad. I'm just interested in what's going on and believe somebody should put a stop to it.

Organizers of the summit say one goal is to get citizens involved. Law enforcement says one of the biggest problems in fighting gang violence is that neighborhood residents who see gang crimes are often afraid to report them.


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